GE Solutions UK leads in renewable energy R&D and specializes in battery storage solutions, serving as an approved installer for brands like SolaX, FoxESS, Growatt, BYD, and Victron Energy. They expertly tailor each project for client-specific needs, ensuring maximized technology potential and energy storage efficiency for quick ROI and beneficial life cycle costs.


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GL Electrical offers domestic and commercial electrical services, focusing on Solar Panels, Battery Storage, and other energy-saving technologies. Their team excels in installing Solar PV systems, Battery Storage, and EV charging points, handling over 200 projects monthly.


“Gareth and Kurt worked on our barn renovation and remodelling project. They were absolutely fabulous. Nothing was too much trouble for them. They worked late nights and also one weekend to make sure they met the time deadline that they had agreed with us. They also wired a summer house which is some distance from our house – again nothing was too much trouble.” – Sue Young


Based in the East Midlands, Mercia Electrical provides domestic and commercial electrical services nationwide, specializing in green energy solutions. They focus on high-quality renewable energy installations like Solar PV for commercial sites and home electric vehicle charging, adhering to current regulations and standards.


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Sustainable Lighting Solutions provide LED lighting for any efficient organisation.


​Their mission is: to reduce expenditure significantly in your electricity spend, by providing a complete solution with modern lighting, with no capital outlay.