EV Charging Points

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points are Important for anyone owning or considering an electric vehicle. These points allow you to charge your EV at home, work, or public locations.

In the UK, you’ll primarily find three types of chargers: rapid, fast, and slow. This covers everything from quick top-ups at motorway services to overnight charges in your own garage; a key component of owning an EV is having a reliable charging solution.


The most common connector types in the UK include:

  • Type 2: The standard for most European cars, supporting both slow and fast charging.
  • Other Connectors: like CHAdeMO and CCS (Combined Charging System) are also available, with CCS supporting very high-speed charging and becoming increasingly common.


Charging your EV is as simple as filling up a traditional car with fuel. Depending on the type of charger and your vehicle’s capabilities, charging can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours –A typical vehicle like the Nissan LEAF would need about four hours for a full charge with a 7kW home charging point.

Installation Process

Having an EV charge point installed in your home is practical and cost-effective. Here is how the installation process works:


Assessment: An installer will determine the best location for your EV charger based on your power supply and where you park your vehicle.


Installation: The charger is positioned and fixed by drilling and clipping the cable to the wall—Your electricity supply will be briefly turned off while the charger is connected to the main power supply.


Safety Tests: Final safety tests are carried out, and the installer will give you a full demonstration of how to operate your new charger.

How Clever Energy Midlands Can Assist You

Clever Energy Midlands doesn’t just recommend products. Instead, we introduce you to top installers who will each design an installation specific to your needs, ensuring you receive competitive and hassle-free quotes—Whether it’s applying for grants or choosing the right installer, we are here to guide you through every step.


While we don’t recommend specific products or providers, our partners will ensure you understand all options during the multi-quote process. This approach guarantees you receive a system that suits your specific requirements, whether you are installing a charge point at home—at work—or, for public use.


Ready to make the switch to an electric vehicle? Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in installing an EV charging point at your home, workplace, or public area. Visit our booking link here to get started: Book Now.


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